ACMiN is one of the most advanced research centres of its type in Poland. We have state-of-the-art laboratories enabling research in the fields of modern materials engineering, physics and materials chemistry, including the development of new materials for laboratory and industrial applications. Our laboratories are equipped with both research apparatus and process instrumentation. Moreover, ACMiN also has the so-called “clean room” and professionally equipped technical infrastructure.

Thanks to the modern laboratory equipment and research apparatus, we can guarantee the highest quality of the conducted research and we are capable of carrying out integrated, comprehensive research to meet the needs of a wide group of individual researchers and entrepreneurs. Our efforts are also aimed at the further development of the available research infrastructure both by means of purchasing new laboratory equipment and research apparatus and by upgrading the already existing facilities.

All Items
Laboratoria ogólnodostępne
Laboratoria zakładowe
Laboratory of Laser Ablation and Nanolitography
Laboratory of Physicochemical Analyses II

Supervisor: dr Magdalena Wytrwał-Sarna
phone. +48 12 617 52 71

Laboratory of Ultra Low Temperatures
Laboratory of Thin Films and Nanostructures
Laboratory of X-ray Diffraction
Laboratory of Cell Culture
Laboratory of Single Crystal Growth
Laboratorium Mikroskopii Sił Atomowych
Laboratory of Sample Preparation
  • Grinding and polishing machine Struers Tegramin-25
  • Grinding and polishing machine Struers Labopol-12
  • Resin impregnating machine Struers Citovac
  • Precision cutting-off machine Struers Secotom-50
  • Cutting-off machine Struers Accutom-50
  • Cutting-off machine Struers Minitom
  • Rolling mill FSM 130 by DURSTON

Supervisor: mgr inż. Grzegorz Kulinowski

Laboratory of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Supervisor: dr Michał Jurczyszyn
tel: +48 12 617 25 44
room number: 0.14.0

Laboratory of Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Laboratory of Mössbauer spectroscopy

Supervisor: dr Jan Żukrowski
phone: +48 12 617 52 47

Laboratory of Synthesis and Thermal Treatment
Laboratory of Material Synthesis and Ceramic Nanocomposites

Supervisor: dr inż. Tomasz Tokarski
phone: +48 12 617 52 77

Laboratory of Transmission Electron Microscopy
Chemical preparation laboratory
  • Laboratory refrigerator
  • Laboratory incubator
  • Freeze-dryer
  • pH- and conductivity meters
  • Stand for chemical synthesis equipped with: water baths, ultrasonic baths, magnetic stirrers and microwave reactor
  • Analytical ballances
  • Cooled laboratory centrifuge (MPW 260R)
  • Rotary evaporator

Supervisor: dr Dorota Lachowicz

phone: +48 12 617 52 64


List of laboratory equipment
Mechanical Workshop
  • CNC milling machine HAAS MILL VF1 by HAAS AUTOMATION
  • BENCH-grinder KSA 200 by BERNARDO
  • DRILL press BM 32 SB by BERNARDO
  • Small turning lathe JUNIOR 150 PLUS by BERNARDO
  • Mobile bandsawing machine EBS 128 C by BERNARDO
  • Hydraulic press 20T by BERNARDO

Supervisor: Łukasz Jamróz
phone: +48 12 617 52 57