Measuring system composed of digital controlled light source (xenon lamp XBO150, monochromator, set of edge filters, shutter, system of light intensity stabilization), calibrated photodiode, dedicated potentiostat and Kelvin Probe with oscillating gold mesh probe electrode.

Device enabling on registration of photocurrent action maps in wide range of exciting wavelength and working electrode potential as well as on measurement of work function as a function of wavelength of incident light. System can be used for characterization of broad-band semiconductors, especially enabling on registration of three-dimensional (at modulated electrode potential – incident light wavelength range) maps  of photocurrents generated by semiconductor as well as indirectly on determination of type of conductivity, bandgap width as well as quantum efficiency of light conversion.

Work Parameters

Wavelength range: 200 - 1000 nm

WE polarization range: ±2 V

Sensitivity of photovoltage detector <1 mV

Accuracy of probing electrode location 5 µm

Low Noise preamplifier of sensitivity better than 0.1 mV

Low Noise phase-sensitive detector (lock-in)

Analog control of amplification and time of signal integration

Tunable band-pass filter

Analog signal output

Automatic correction of signal phase

Manual and automatic compensation of contact potential

Calibrated contact potential output

Continuous registration of work function changes

Resolution better than 1 meV

Dynamic range 10 V

Self-tunable resonator’s circuit, oscillation frequency of ca.180 Hz

Tunable oscillation amplitude.1 - 2.0 mm

Measuring system installed at optical table and located in dark Faraday’s cadge

Piezoelectric servo-motor enabling precise location of probing electrode

Analog/digital conveter with data storage system

16 bit digital/Analog converter of range ± 5 V

Contact persons

prof. dr hab. Konrad Szaciłowski, mgr Andrzej Blachecki

Photoelectric spectrometer
Photoelectric spectrometer
Photoelectric spectrometer