Working parameters

Four source/measurement units (SMU) and ground unit (GU): 7 current ranges  (lowest 100 nA/full range, highest 100 mA/full range), each channel equipped with independent 24 bit analog-digital converter, current resolution, current resolution of measurement from 100 fA to 100 nA, source current resolution form 5 pA to 5 μA

Four current ranges: from 200 mV to 210 V, voltage resolution from 1μV to 200 μV; Max output voltage of 21 V at 100 mA and 210 V at 100 nA

Ground channel with lower current limit of 2.5 A

Contact persons

prof. dr hab. Konrad Szaciłowski, dr inż. Krzysztof Mech, mgr inż. Kacper Pilarczyk, mgr Michał Kawa