Research profile

5Our research activity is focused on interdisciplinary projects that tackle problems related to condensed matter physics, material science, nanotechnology, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. Based on recent developments in the methods of deposition, synthesis and in-situ characterization we produce nanoscale materials of controlled chemical composition and dimensions and characterize their functional properties. We focus in particular on the modification of magnetic and electronic properties resulting from nanostructurisation. Our special interest is dedicated on the exploration of the possibilities for controlling the functional properties of materials by limiting their size and / or dimensionality - e.g. in solutions and composites of nanoparticles as well as nanostructured films and crystals.

Field of expertise

  • Characterization of magnetic properties of powders, single crystals, thin layers and solutions of nanoparticles by means of VSM.
  • Probing electrical transport versus temperature and external magnetic field (magnetoresistance) of bulk materials, thin films and nanostructures.
  • Determination of phase composition of materials and their local magnetic, structural and electronic properties using gamma spectroscopy (Mössbauer effect) and X-ray spectroscopy (XAS, XES, XMCD, RIXS).
  • Fabrication of nanostructures using focused ion/electron beams (FEBID / FIBID).
  • Fabrication of microstructures using optical lithography techniques.
  • Design and synthesis of multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles (e.g. ferrites nanoparticles) with controlled morphology and size.
  • Determination of the nanoparticle size based on electron microscopy, light scattering and magnetization.
  • Preparation of magnetic fluids (ferrofluids).
  • Investigation of magnetic hyperthermia in solutions of nanoparticles.
  • Investigation of rheological properties of liquid phases.

Head of the group

  • dr hab. inż. Marcin Sikora, prof. AGH

Group Members

  • dr Michał Jurczyszyn 
  • dr inż. Angelika Kmita
  • dr inż. Joanna Stępień 
  • dr inż. Aleksandra Szkudlarek 
  • dr Jan Żukrowski 
  • mgr inż. Juliusz Kuciakowski 
  • mgr inż. Krzysztof Pitala 
  • mgr inż. Krzysztof Maćkosz
  • mgr Elżbieta Trynkiewicz