Research profile

2The research areas of the Group of Low Temperature Physics concern the understanding of the physical properties of matter at very low temperatures from 50 mK to several Kelvins. In particular the subjects of interest are: magnetic and superconductive phase transitions at temperatures ≤ 1 K, new states of matter related to quantum critical phenomena, phase transitions, thermodynamic and magnetotransport properties in systems exhibiting strong electron correlation as well as electronic properties of nanoscopic systems. Also, the physical properties of topological insulators and nanostructures based on them are tested.

Field of expertise

  • Low-temperature thermometry (secondary calibration in the range of 10 mK  –  20 K using standard CMN thermometers and SRD1000 cascade superconducting thermometer).
  • Testing phase transitions of new materials.
  • Making precise contacts for electrical measurements.
  • Measurements of magnetoresistance at low temperatures.
  • Measurements of the Hall effect in metals, semiconductors and materials with non-trivial topology of electronic states.
  • Measurements of specific heat in the temperature range from 50 mK to 20 K and magnetic field 0  –  14 T.
  • Measurements of magnetic properties in the temperature range from 50 mK to 20 K and magnetic field 0  –  14 T.

Head of the group

  • prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Tarnawski

Group members

  • prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Kozłowski
  • dr inż. Maciej Chrobak