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Krakow Condensed Matter Seminar: "Effect of size on melting-crystallization in two-component thin film nanostructures"
Środa, 14. Kwiecień 2021, 09:00

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Krakow Condensed Matter Seminar which will be held on Wednesday, April 14 at 9.00 am. The talk will be given online via UPeL. You can participate in the meeting via the link below:


 The lecture entitled "Effect of size on melting-crystallization in two-component thin film nanostructures" will be presented by dr inż. Oleksandr Kryshtal (AGH).


Melting temperature is one of the principal parameters of thermodynamics of phase equilibria and its value affects the majority of materials properties. In this talk, the effect of size on the phase state and interaction between components will be discussed for eutectic binary systems and related to the quest for understanding phase diagrams at the nanoscale. New experimental methods developed for investigating phase transformations in binary films will be presented. These methods together with in-situ (S)TEM techniques, which enable real-time imaging of nanomaterials behavior down to the atomic scale, form a synergistic combination for studying phenomena governing phase transformations in binary alloy films. Subsequently, several examples showing the power of these techniques will be discussed and the latest results on melting and crystallization of metal and binary alloy films, both freestanding and in confinement will be presented.

Miejsce : online seminar