ACMiN lectures for PhD and MSc Students!

We would like to invite all PhD and MSc Students to take part in the nanoscience and nanotechnology courses, offered by the Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology. This special program is composed of seven subjects (Technical Photochemistry and Photophysics, Molecular Information Processing, Molecular Nanoelectronics, Advanced Methods in Scanning Electron Microscopy, Nanoscale Functional Materials, Synchrotron Techniques, Computational Methods for Nanosystems and Correlated Electron Systems), taught entirely in English.

It is a unique opportunity to discover more about the nanoscience, which is nowadays one of the most developing branch of science. The program is based on the practical approach, including trainings in the modern laboratories of ACMiN, using the state-of-the art apparatus for fabrication and characterization of materials and nanostructures.

All the courses will be given by the scientists working at our Centre. Short description of all the courses and additional information, you can find here.