Advances in electron channelling contrast imaging and electron backscatter diffraction for imaging and analysis of structural defects in the scanning electron microscope

C. Trager-Cowan, A. Alasmari, W. Avis, J. Bruckbauer, P.R. Edwards, B. Hourahine, S. Kraeusel, G. Kusch, B. M. Jablon, R. Johnston, R.W. Martin, R. McDermott, G. Naresh-Kumar, M. Nouf-Allehiani, E. Pascal, D. Thomson, S. Vespucci, K. Mingard, P.J. Parbrook, M.D. Smith, J. Enslin, F. Mehnke, M. Kneissl, C. Kuhn, T. Wernicke, A. Knauer, S. Hagedorn, S. Walde, M. Weyers, P.-M. Coulon, P.A. Shields, Y. Zhang, L. Jiu, Y. Gong, R.M. Smith, T. Wang, A. Winkelmann
IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 891, 012023 (2020)
linia badawcza: III