Piotr Zawal

Semiconductors Photophysics and Electrochemistry

Research profile


Semiconductors Photophysics and Electrochemistry Research Group focuses on the synthesis and physicochemical properties of metallic and semiconductor nanostructures for applications in electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, chemical analytics, and information processing. Our activity encompasses several fields of science, including coordination, organic and supramolecular chemistry, physical chemistry, solid state physics, unconventional computing and the theory of information. In addition, the team conducts research into the construction of optoelectronic and neuromimetic devices as well as new methods of processing acoustic signals and novel ways of musical harmony analysis. Our nanomaterials are examined primarily for the mechanisms of charge carrier generation, carrier transport phenomena, percolation phenomena, recombination processes and charge carrier trapping as well as emergent phenomena resulting from the self-assembly of both small molecules and macromolecules on semiconductor surfaces. The main measurement techniques include: pulsed photocurrent spectroscopy and pulsed photon voltage spectroscopy (both techniques were developed within the team), photomodulation spectroscopy, emission, absorption and scattering electron spectroscopy, a number of electrochemical methods, X-ray diffractometry and electron microscopy. For the synthesis of nanomaterials, electro-deposition, sol-gel methods and solvothermal methods are used.

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