Specjalne Seminarium ACMiN: „1H relaxation in solutions of magnetic nanoparticles”

Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału w Specjalnym Seminarium ACMiN, które odbędzie się w piątek 30 lipca 2021 r o godz. 14:00. Seminarium będzie miało formę online i można w nim uczestniczyć poprzez poniższy link:

Referat pt. 1H relaxation in solutions of magnetic nanoparticles” wygłosi prof. dr hab. Danuta Kruk (Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie,  Centrum NanoBioMedyczne UAM w Poznaniu).


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the most powerful diagnostic tools providing spatially and temporally resolved maps of 1H relaxation rates across human bodies. The need to enlarge the difference in the relaxation times between healthy and pathological tissues has given rise to a development of paramagnetic and super-paramagnetic contrast agents. The 1H relaxation enhancement is achieved due to very strong magnetic electron-proton dipole-dipole interactions between the electron spin of the magnetic species and proton spins of neighbouring water protons. The relaxation enhancement is a complex phenomenon depending on the magnetic properties of nanoparticles used as contrast agents, dynamics of the surrounding water molecules, exchange dynamics and several other factors. Theoretical models describing 1H relaxation processes in solutions including the complex quantum-mechanical and dynamical scenario will be presented and illustrated by examples.


lip 30 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm